Corporate Advertising

    "LET INFLATION WORK FOR YOUR COMPANY" Create and reinforce brand awareness. A beautiful hot air balloon bearing your corporate logo will attract more attention from potential customers than any other form of outside advertising. These floating giants turn your ad campaign into a movable, goodwill ambassador, and create more lasting impressions to help set you apart from your competition. We can also help you create an effective advertising campaign. whether it be on a local basis or a traveling program spreading your message nationwide.

Hot Air Balloon Sales

Fire Fly Logo

Smoky Mountain Balloon Adventures can assist you with the purchase of a new or used hot air balloon system for either personal or business use. We will help you choose the right balloon system for your needs, and are proud to represent one of the finest manufacturers of balloons in the world.

Having received one of only five "Dealer of the Year" awards in 1988 makes us uniquely qualified to assist you with your new balloon purchase.

FAA Certified Flight Training

    We have FAA certified instructors to thoroughly train you in all aspects of balloon aviation, and personally guide you step-by-step through the process, from student, to private, all the way to the commercial balloon rating.

    Our company founder, Jeff Lansdown, has accumulated over 5000 hours as pilot-in-command of hot air balloons, and has guided many students to becoming safe and responsible aeronauts. During his piloting experience, he has accumulated time in AX-7 (3 passenger) AX-8b (4 passenger) AX-8 (5 passenger) AX-10 (6-8 passenger and AX-11 (12 passenger) balloons.

Peacock One
Shroom and Pirate

    Outdoor Advertising with Professional Installation

      We have been helping businesses of all kinds stand out from their competitors for more than 20 years. All of the regular and custom shape inflatables shown below (and many more like them) are available for purchase or rent, and can be custom designed for your company or product.

      We can also fill your needs for Custom Printed or Stock advertising banners and Parking Lot Pennants.

      NEW !!!!!!!! Try out our line of SkyDancers TM. Made so popular at the Atlanta Olympics and Superbowl XXXll. They can be custom designed to reflect your company message or favorite team logo.

      Does your company have multiple locations? We can assist with your special event needs on a regional and national basis. To really stand out from your competition call (865) 622-1394 or
      E-mail us for more information

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      Parking Lot Pennants
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